A Matter of Heart

When the wind blows in from a certain direction
The moon makes its summer slide
Swear I can hear something calling my name
In a voice that will not be denied.

At the heart of the matter lies a matter of heart
Forged in the flames and the dust
Fanned by a fire that’s waging its will
with an engine covered in rust.

For the mission is mercy, the goal is release
The moment is almost at hand
And I have begun to only believe
Things I know I can’t understand.

It is written in language I will transcribe
Witnessed by a singular birth
Part of a blessing ordained by the stars
Anointed by time on this Earth.

It has waited beyond the scope of my reach
In a vessel anchored offshore
Now in the hope of sweet salvation
I’m showing the demons the door.

I am a train crossing through Kansas
A whistle blowin’ long in the dark
Making up time, the wind at my back
Pulling eighty-eight cars.

I’m pushing back walls, knocking down fences
Swinging that wrecking ball
Taking out hinges that hold my defenses
Taking my turn at the call.

©nck Base Camp Music


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