Faith, All I had to do

When I came upon her she was out in her field,
nursing a broken heart
Running in circles, spinning her wheels,
trying to make a new start

But the load she carried was weighing her down
her spirit was heavy with all that she found
I swear she was light when I came around
It’s all I had to do…all I had to do.

I opened my basket, made some room,
held out an open hand
When I was listening all too soon
I did not understand

How deep was her wound, how much she did bleed
So much of life she’d had to concede
I thought I could give her what she will need
It’s all I had to do…all I had to do.

But I was not prepared
For all the sorrow there.

She gave me her truth, gave me a reason,
gave me her solitude
I soldiered on in every season
as if I understood

But she had been damaged beyond my repair
Confidence nearly turned to despair
Faith seemed to vanish into thin air
It’s all I had to do…all I had to do.

© nck Base Camp Music/7-15-2010

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